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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Where are you located? As our trips are scheduled and prepaid, we do not have a physical location, but your invoice will include instructions on where to meet and at what time.


What is the minimum age for a kayaker? Since kayaking doesn't require a lot of strength it's the perfect activity for families to do together. While we don’t have any specific age that we use, our recommended age for a single traveler is 10-12 years old.  If they are younger than that, children tend to get bored and tired out from paddling.  You, as a parent, know the size and strength of your child the best.  

If you are wanting to use the tandem (2-3 person) kayak, the main consideration is how long your child can sit still and if they are comfortable in and around water.  The child will sit in the front or middle and it isn’t necessary that they paddle making it more relaxing and enjoyable for them.


I want to go kayaking!  What do I do now?  Go to our booking page and select the trip that you want to take.  Using the calendar, select the date and time that works for you.  Fill out your information and select the green “book now” button on the bottom right side of the page.


I scheduled my trip, now what?  River Valley Kayaks will review your request.  If it doesn’t overlap with other trips for that day, we will approve your trip and then send you an invoice.  


How do I pay for my trip?  We will send out an invoice to your email.  You can “View and Pay” for your trip using a debit or credit card.  As soon as you pay, your spot will be secured and your kayaks will be reserved.  Immediate payment will ensure that the kayaks you requested will be available for you.  


Will we have a guide with us?  All of our trips are “self guided” meaning you guide yourselves down the river.  If you are not comfortable going alone, you may request a guide to go with you and one of our experienced guides will be happy to travel along with you.  The cost for a guide is $20 for the short trip, $30 for the medium trip and $40 for the long trip.  

How long will my trip take?  We have included some general time frames on our booking site, but times will vary depending on the speed of the river, how hard you paddle and how often you stop.  We generally want you to take your time and enjoy the views and the serenity of the river, but there may be times when we have other groups going out later in the day and need you to return with your kayaks by a certain time.  This hasn’t ever been a problem in the past as we allow for ample time between trips, but you will want to let us know ahead of time if you plan to stop a few times or take a longer break.


Can I cancel or change my trip?   If there is a high probability of inclement weather on the day of your trip, contact us to discuss options which would include the option to reschedule your tour for another open day of the current calendar year.  If you are unable to make your scheduled trip you may cancel 4 or more days in advance for a full refund.  If you cancel within 4 days of your trip, you will be refunded up to 75%* of the total invoiced amount.  

*The minimum charge for cancelling is $10.  


What should I bring? The main things you will need is sunscreen and some water to keep you hydrated.  Depending on the length and time of your trip, you may also want to bring some snacks to enjoy along the way.


What should I wear?   Some people enjoy bathing in the sun while others like to keep their skin concealed.  Depending on the weather, you may want to wear a swimming suit.  Shoes that you don’t mind getting wet (such as water shoes) are a good option for your feet.  Sunglasses and a hat are also helpful.  


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